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Vibr jQuery plugin

Small jQuery plugin for creating vibration effect. You can use it for animation of any html elements.
For using Vibr you need jQuery (>= 1.5.x) and the plugin loaded on your page:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jquery.vibr.js"></script>

At the bottom of the page attach vibr() function to the target html element:


Vibr accepts options like that:

    h_spread: 5,
    v_spread: 2,
    speed: 50,
    delay: 3000

h_spread Horisontal spread
integer (default: 3)

v_spread Vertical spread
integer (default: 1)

speed Speed of vibration
integer (default: 50)

delay Delay between vibrations
integer (default: 2000)



Simple One Page site with jQuery

Today I’m going to tell how to create a simple one page website.
Even though our solution requires jQuery it will work perfectly without JavaScript as well. Besides that for Search Engine Optimization we leave physical links, so search spiders can easily index the whole website.


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Visual differentiation between different types of links

Hi everyone, today I’m going to describe, how to visually separate different types of links on the website and how to add list of them at the bottom of the page when page is printed.
Recently I got the task form one of my clients to visually separate all links on his existing website that has more than 20 000 pages.


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